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Welcome to Welch Village!
Information about the 2022-23 season

Lift Tickets & Season Passes

Lift Tickets: Must be purchased online in advance. We will not be selling any lift tickets in-person at the window. Ticket sales could be limited on certain time periods.
Season Passes: Must be purchased online. If you have already purchased your season pass for this seasonCLICK HERE to obtain your season pass card. 

  • All season pass holder are required to present their season pass card every time they wish to ski/ride at our outdoor ticket widows at the main chalet or at Madd Jaxx during operating hours and obtain/wear a lift ticket.  On weekends & holidays, we usually have a ticket window reserved for only season pass holders. 
  • Season Benefits
  • Season Pass FAQ's
Ski & Snowboard Rental Equipment

All ski and snowboard rentals must be purchased online in advance. We will not sell ski and snowboard rentals in-person at the window, with the exception of high performance skis and snowboard rentals (which are first come, first serve).

Indoor Chalet Policies

These policies are meant to create a positive and enjoyable experience for as many guests as possible during their visit to Welch Village. 

  • All items such as bags, shoes/boots, coolers, and containers are not allowed to be stored at tables, on tables, under tables, on the floor, or around any seating area while you are skiing/riding at Welch Village.  All personal items must be stored in a seasonal locker, daily paid locker, or in a cubby/"coat hook"  area.  There is a cubby/"coat hook" area on both the first floor and second floor of the main chalet. If lockers and/or cubby areas are full, personal items must be kept in your vehicle.  WV staff reserves the right to move unattended items that are left in seating areas to a designated location. 

  • Carry-on food is allowed in the chalet on weekdays only (Monday-Thursday).  Carry-on food is not allowed on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and during *holiday hours. *Holiday hours: December 26 - December 30th, January 16 (MLK), February 20 (President's Day).  All tables and seating space is reserved for guests purchasing Welch Village food and beverage during these peak periods. 

  • Guests are not allowed to set up food/snack tables for groups of other guests at anytime; even during weekdays. Reserving & "guarding" tables for more than 30 minutes is not allowed.  

  • Crock pots, hot plates, electric coffee/hot chocolate pots not allowed at anytime due to fire code. 

  • There is a 30 minute time limit per table on weekends and during holiday hours to ensure that all guests are given a chance to use our seating & tables. We have a limited amount of tables on peak visit days and this policy is intended to offer more table & seating opportunities for more guests. 

  • No carry-on alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere on Welch Village property as per MN Statue 340A.512.  This includes all parking areas and on all WV property.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage services will not be available on Mondays and Tuesdays this season except during holiday hours due to staffing shortages. 
See Hours Page
Our goal is to be able to eventually accommodate food and beverage services on Mondays and Tuesdays this season.  Please stay tuned for updates. 

  • Madd Jaxx will be open Wednesday - Sunday and during holiday hours.  However, if we experience staff shortages, Madd Jaxx may close at anytime. 
  • Food Service & Jaxx Hours will be listed on our hours page, however, may be subject to change at any time if we experience staff shortages. 
Ski & Snowboard Lessons

All lesson programs must be purchased in-advance and online. The vast majority of all of our lesson programs are available on weekends and during holiday hours only.

Which runs and which lifts will be open? 

Our Snow Report is updated on a daily basis and provides all important information such as: trail status, chairlift status, snow conditions, and snowmaking updates.  

Operating Hours

Please see our hours page HERE

Parking Lot Policies & Campers

Campers, buses, and trailers are not allowed at anytime in our parking lots.  Busses are only allowed with pre-arranged groups like ski clubs, schools, roving ski schools and race teams. 

See all additional Welch Village policies HERE


Upcoming Events

  • There are no events at this time.